This is the bow you're looking for. Don't move along without getting one! Stitched on sparkling silver vinyl, any android with a vital message for the Resistance will love wearing slider bow clip in any galaxy (far, far away, or not!). The felt channel on the back makes this slider super functional. You can slide it on the included silver alligator clip and wear it as a hair bow or attach it to a lanyard, a pocket, a bag, or a jacket.  You can also slide this clip onto a headband, wristband, shoelace, ribbon, safety pin--whatever you can think of. The slider is designed to fit onto anything 1/4" - 3/8" wide. Because you can position the embroidered bow slider both horizontally AND vertically, you'll find the possibilities for wearing this bow slider are out of this world. 


The embroidered vinyl bow measures roughly 4" wide and 2" tall. A silver alligator clip is included. Sorry, the headband is NOT included with this listing. This android accessory is ready to ship in 1 - 2 business days, and it's perfect for any fan of cute android couriers. 

Silver Android Bow Slider Clip


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