That's right. Sometimes you've got to put your big girl panties on and deal with it. Now you can have a pair of sparkly pink vinyl big girl panties on hand wherever you go. Expertly stitched on the sparkliest of pink glitter vinyl, this key chain has a black felt backing, a 1/2" swivel hook, and a 1" key ring. The snap tab style gives you the versatility to loop these big girl panties around lots of things, not just a swivel hook or key ring. Hang it from your rear view mirror, clip it to your favorite notebook, or even pin it to your favorite bag. This delightful little key chain can go anywhere you do and decorate just about anything you want it to. 


These big girl panties are ready to ship in 1 business day!


Interested in a getting this design in a different color? Contact me to ask about customizations.

Put These On And Deal With It Key Chain


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