Julie hales from the Not So Bad Lagoon, where she used to live with creatures just like herself. But, she's always been a bit of a wanderer, so Julie has set out to find adventure with a forever friend like you. Julie is completely hand stitched with delicate, embroidered accents. She has lovely green safety eyes. And, though she's very sturdy, she may not be the best choice for children under three. Please use your discretion when adopting a new friend!


Julie is delightfully unique. She even has poseable arms and legs! She enjoys going along for the ride, exploring new places, and meeting lots of new people. Put her in a pocket (she's only about 6" tall, on a tall day), and the two of you are ready to go on your next adventure together! 


Adopt Julie today! She's ready to ship in 1 - 2 business days and she comes with her own adoption certificate. 

Julie the Creature From the Not So Bad Lagoon


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