Craft Party!

Planning a party? Want some help? 

Let me put my creative super powers to work for you by making you the ULTIMATE CRAFTING PARTY KIT! Crafting Party Kits are great for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, gender reveal parties, graduation parties, sleepovers, and other special events.  Kits can be tailored specifically to you, your special occasion, and even to your individual guests.

Choose a Crafting Party Kit from the following categories:

  • Embroidery Hoop Art Crafting Kits - customizations can include designs, hoop size, thread colors, and even needle minders!

  • Uni-Llama Stitch Kits - customizations can include Uni-Llama colors and patterns, Uni-Llama Carriers, and even needle minders!

  • OctPet Stitch Kits - customizations can include OctoPet colors and patterns, OctoPet accessories, Adoption Certificates, OctoPet Carriers, and even needle minders!

  • Shrinky Dinks Coloring Kits - customizations can include designs, sizes, colored pencils included with each kit, and even add-ons like supplies to make finished Shrinky Dings into earrings or other jewelry!

  • Have an idea for a different type of Crafting Party Kit? Contact me, or use the form below. I have an extensive background in art and design. Let me put my creative super powers to work for you!

Custom kits can take as much as 4 - 8 weeks for delivery, so be sure to plan ahead! Costs can vary depending on the kit and customizations, but generally speaking custom kits can range from $10 - $20/each. If you've got a large party (10 or more), contact me for information regarding bulk discounts!

Can I Come Too?

Would you like personalized, hands-on instruction for your craft party? If you live in the Kansas City area, put my creative super powers to work for you in person! All you need to do is provide the place and the people and I'll take care of all the geeky crafty goodness! Costs can vary, but generally a 3 hour party starts at $25/person for a group of 6 or more. Fill out the contact form below to request more information!


Let's get the party started! 

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