My parents nicknamed me "elliebean" when I was a little girl (you know, like "jellybean"). And an Ellie Bean Dream is the creation of that little girl. I'm a designer and creator with a love for all things geek. Whether it's my original fabric designs, fun and chic accessories, up-cycled goodies, snarky buttons, or disgustingly cute plushies - I design and create geeky things. And, there's nothing better than letting my creative geek flag fly while sharing what I love--unless it's helping you do the same. I especially love helping folks like you tap into their own creative super powers. You've got them, trust me!

Whether you're here to learn something new, try out one of my handcrafted creativity kits, check out my original fabric designs, adopt a plushy, or find that perfectly geek chic accessory, there are lots of things to discover with Ellie Bean Dreams.

Be your own true, geeky self, and let me help you do it! Stay up to date with my shop newsletter, join the Super Friends Creative Coalition (it's free!), and don't forget to check out my blog for more creative ideas and geek-tastic tutorials. 

What the heck is an Ellie Bean Dream?

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